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The Three Questions
Judith Kleinman gave a presentation in Manchester 2006 on teaching increased awareness to young musicians, in groups - this is an extract from her conference paper

Healthy Bass Playing
Peter Buckoke, Double Bass Prof. at the RCM. This is an extract from Healthy Music Making, a book compiled by Aaron Williamon

Practicing - Alex Farkas 
Alex considers the challenge of 'essential' hours of practicing.

Brass Tax - Patrick Gundry-White
Patrick looks at breathing from an 'Alexander' perspective.

Wilfred Barlow's Research at the RCM
Peter describes the experimental research, conducted in the 1950s, that led to the introduction of Alexander lessons for students at the Royal College of Music

Breathing - Andy Smith

Learning how to learn - Peter

Transcript of a talk given to the Professors Conference at the RCM

Memorial lecture 2014 - Transcript of Judith's lecture